Balance Exercises On A Park Bench


Balance Exercises (Squat)

Squats are a fundamental movement pattern we do them to sit down, to pick something of the ground and also as part of an exercise routine - but how about doing them on a park bench? The Balls of Feet Squat is an interesting variation which increases the difficulty considerably, in terms of balance requirements, increased core stability and also just playing with fear.

Tougher than it looks!

If you feel confident doing so give this a try.

Be a big kid, explore what you are capable of, be curious, be careful, assess risk, be adventurous and seek out play opportunities while doing so. There are also significant benefits to being outside too.

Here are a few pointers:

  1. Fairly obvious, but make sure the bench can support your body weight!

  2. Practice on the ground first and feel very comfortable before attempting this move on anything above ground with mounting and dismounting. A balance rail is often much closer to the ground as an intermediate option.

  3. Balancing on the balls of the foot or the toes are more difficult than balancing on the mid-foot or flat but will give you more control.

  4. Feet and knees wider apart will improve stability - as there is a wider base of support.

  5. Arms in front of the body is more difficult than arms at the side.