Every client has their own needs and requirements based on their demands and daily life.

Fueling your body is a big part of the equation when it comes to optimal health and fitness.

Eating well is key to improving performance, and is essential to prevent AND MANAGE a variety of illnesses and body composition issues.

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On Rangan Chatterjee’s  Doctor In The House  discussing lifestyle choices to tackle Type II diabetes.

On Rangan Chatterjee’s Doctor In The House discussing lifestyle choices to tackle Type II diabetes.


  • Do you want help with building and sustaining a healthy diet?

  • Not sure whether you should do Paleo, Primal, Keto, Low-Carb or the Wahls Protocol?

  • Do you want to improve quality of life and dietary habits to support sleep, stress and exercise goals?

  • Do you want advice on health markers to track in terms of blood work?

  • Are you dealing with metabolic issues such as insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes?

  • Or would you just like a second opinion?

As a nutritionist I see clients locally in London, England or via webcam or telephone from individuals globally who want to incorporate tailored practical and effective nutrition with lifestyle changes that lead to better health.

Nutrition Consultation with Darryl Edwards

Nutrition Consultation with Darryl Edwards



“After visiting my GP and being told I was prediabetic (and borderline type 2 diabetic) I resolved to do something about it and I didn’t want to take any medications!

Darryl took me through an initial assessment and thorough review which helped me identify the foods and lifestyle issues that could be problematic but also with lifestyle changes that I could live with in the long term. The good news is that my bloods are now back to normal and we’ve found a way that doesn’t feel like a chore with great movement and exercise tips too!”
- Michael Hill

Darryl's thoughtful, sensitive, patient, kind but honest approach has helped me achieve goals that I never thought imaginable, for example, I used to be a sugar addict and although I have tried for many years I did not take my health seriously enough, Darryl has helped me to change that.  

In 3 months I’ve achieved a body fat% reduction from 34.6% to 27.9%. My weight is down from 11 Stone 9lb (74kg/163lb) to 10 Stone 8lb (67kg/148lb), a significantly difference in terms of the clothes I am wearing and also in the positive comments made about how I am looking now.”

- Pari

"I have spent my whole adult life, like millions of others, trying to lose those stubborn pounds, and achieve the body I always dreamed of. I can also say honestly, I never understood the importance of nutrition and the type of movement in that equation.

We all want to look good, so we spend our lives at the mercy of diet companies and so called experts peddling crazy diet regimes, but we have all been massively mis-educated, and mis-sold advice. The key to a happy, full and healthy life is not a quick fix, and is not a ‘diet’ in the sense that we have become familiar, the key is to have a lifestyle and real-food diet that supports and nourishes our bodies the way they were designed, for life.
- Bella