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Exercise for children | Primal Play

"The children at Reach Academy Feltham loved their visit from Darryl Edwards, they all engaged with the different games, and delighted that their staff and parents were playing too. The children were so enthused that they continued to play their new games on the playground in their lunch break."
- Jo Wells, Reach Academy Feltham, Primary PE Lead

For parents and their kids

"Darryl is so much more than your average coach! He's extremely intelligent, well-read and knowledgeable and with the epidemic of obesity that we are seeing with our children today, Darryl's Primal Play offers the perfect solution for making exercise fun for both parents and their kids."
Lauren Jefferis MD · Pediatrician and Internal Medicine Doctor

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In my 30 years as a pediatrician it would never had occurred to me me to suggest parents to let go and become kids again to play with theirs. The look I get from the parents and kids alike is priceless! The parents get a mischievous surprised look or sort of shy depending on their personalities. But the kids… their faces brighten up with a huge smile.
- Dr Rivera-Caudill

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"Do you remember what it was like to run, jump climb and move for hours on end without ever feeling tired or bored? Do you remember what it was like when working out was called playing? Darryl's Primal Play brings laughter, and fun back into being fit.

It's not about the number of reps or sets you perform. It's about building skills and testing personal limits. An hour of Primal Play is like being a kid again, with the added benefit of a stronger body, a healthier mind and rediscovering that movement and effort are not only beneficial but down right fun!"
Alessandra Wall Ph.D · Psychologist, San Diego

Central Park workshop

"Darryl is the concentration of functional movement and he shares it well.

Rob Mathews, New York

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Incorporate more play into your life

"Primal Play is about living more naturally, how to move more fully, using your whole body and all your capacities in practical and fun ways out in the real world. And it's really fun!"

Seth Longacre, London

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A Unique and new experience

"This is something I’d recommend for anyone, particularly if you are into a competitive or intense sport, a martial artist, or crossfitter. This is a chance to balance things out from a life level as much as a training level."

James Gregory - Kick Boxer, author of Paleo for Fighters.


Obstacle Course Racer

Primal Play Testimonial Obstacle Course Racing

"I have gone in 24 months from struggling to get round a 5km course to regularly placing in the top 10 for my age group (I am 43 this year) and my aim for 2017 is to qualify for the World Championships.

I can’t speak highly enough of Darryl’s methods when it comes to improving my Obstacle Course Racing ability. Set aside your scepticism and give it a try. Not only will you see a huge difference but his are the most enjoyable sessions I have undertaken. Highly recommended."

- Iain Russell - Technologist, Obstacle Course Racer 

[Read Iain's full testimonial]

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Movement Impaired

"Darryl has helped me through various stages of recovery from a neurological injury. I have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions with him. Darryl likes to incite fear and competitiveness to make his sessions fun and challenging. He has focused on animal movement patterns, games and balance work. Things that can be adapted as I gain strength and coordination.

I have found Darryl knowledgeable and engaging to work with. I love working outdoors with minimal equipment too.”
-Emma Harrison


"I don't like the gym but - things like this are just wonderful. It's that freedom of movement that I see in Darryl's practice... I never felt any bad effects from it either, it just felt good."
Kathleen, USA

accessible to All

"Darryl: My self concept about my fitness was altered. Because of you. Inclusivity is one of my deepest held values and always was; way before my body was affected with this dis-ease. I can see that you bring that to your work and I deeply appreciate that." 
Stephanie, Austin

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Inclusive of people across all levels of ability

"Darryl taught Primal Play to our attendees at the 2015 Wahls Protocol seminar. He is inspiring, fun and inclusive of people across all levels of physical ability and disability. He was also an engaging speaker and very adept at including those who are cane, scooter and wheelchair dependent as well so that no one felt left out."
Terry Wahls MD · Author of The Wahls Protocol

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