“When we stop playing, we stop developing and when that happens, the laws of entropy take over - things fall apart. When we stop playing, we start dying.”
— Stuart Brown



Level 1 is the two-day intensive introductory course for fitness professionals who want to become Certified Primal Play™ Movement Coaches or for fitness enthusiasts who want to take their fitness to the next level. Suitable for those want to learn how to incorporate the Primal Play Method™ into their own teaching, training, and coaching practices.

This course is where you can learn this incredibly useful movement method taking the steps to becoming a Certified Primal Play™ Movement Coach.

You’ll learn much more than just a series of movement patterns and games though – you’ll learn how to effectively coach others in this method and will better understand primal, powerful and practical movement. You will learn how to improve your and your clients’ fitness no matter how you integrate Primal Play™ into your training.

The focus of Level 1 is on mastering fundamental movement patterns and playful physical activities, including making those movements accessible and scalable in order to maximise effectiveness with your clients. With each activity, you’ll explore the important questions of why, how and when to use it, and where it fits into your clients’ training regime and into your own workout routine.


  • An introduction to the Primal Play Method™ brand;

  • Instruction on healthy, primal and functional movement;

  • Learn basic anatomy & functional movements of muscles and joints;

  • An introduction to play theory and research;

  • Learn to move with power, strength and grace with locomotion inspired by the animal kingdom;

  • Learn breathing techniques to improve strength and master mindful movement;

  • Improve communication and motivational skills;

  • Learn fun solo, partner and group-based Primal Play™ activities;

  • A guide to setting up Primal Play™ classes;

  • Understand the Primal Play™ Teaching model, including correct and safe techniques;

  • Learn how to scale and adapt training to suit the individuals taking part;

  • The basics of the movement prescription required for optimal health and longevity.

Primal Play Method™ classes are designed to provide an enhanced learning environment for attendees; transforming individuals with quadrupedal and animal-based movement using elements from diverse disciplines, including play theory, martial arts and callisthenics to create fun and functional workouts.


To become a Certified Primal Play™ Movement Coach, you must pass the live practical assessment after completing the workshop. Just finishing the two-day workshop will not make you certified – to make sure all coaches meet the program’s standards, you’ll need to demonstrate necessary competence via video submission after the workshop.

Find out more about Primal Play here.

UK Certification Workshops

** LONDON, UK **

Primal Play™ Level 1 Certification in London on Sept 01/02, 2018

** LONDON, UK **

Primal Play™ Level 1 Certification in London on Oct 06/07, 2018

US Certification Workshops


Primal Play™ Level 1 Certification in Denver on July 24/25, 2018

Are you or your clients bored with exercise?



Do you or your clients have a love affair with fitness and relish a new challenge or do you/they hate to exercise but want to get passionate about movement again? Primal Play will enable you to gain practical movement skills that will assist you in performing physical and fitness tasks more effectively and most importantly have fun doing it!