One-to-one movement coaching sessions are designed to address your specific needs.  I will create a plan and work with you to achieve your goals. This can be worked on in-person or remotely.

MOVEMENT is a SIGNIFICANT part of the equation when it comes to IMPROVING ONE’S health and fitness BOTH MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY.

SCHEDULE A FREE 15-MINUTE Talk about developing a personalised MOVEMENT AND FITNESS strategy based on principles - that work!

Darryl Edwards performing a  Donkey Kick …

Darryl Edwards performing a Donkey Kick


  • Do you want help incorporating more fun and functional movement into your life?

  • Are you dealing with chronic low-back pain, injury or severe mobility issues (based on multiple sclerosis or other neurological conditions) and want to use corrective exercise to get better?

  • Do you want to improve on the quality of movement rather than focusing on load, volume or quantity?

  • Do you want to learn how to teach your body to work as a unit, across all-intensities in all 3-dimensions?

  • Are you dealing with metabolic issues such as cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes and want to use movement as part of that prescription?

  • Are you dealing with stress, anxiety, mood or cognitive disorders and want to move in a way that will help address those?

  • Do you want to develop a balanced and functionally strong body whatever your age, condition or ability?

As a movement coach I see clients locally in London, England or via webcam from individuals globally who want a coach who assesses the demands of you work, sport and life to build smart programs that will help you succeed in all areas.

Movement Coaching with Darryl Edwards

Movement Coaching with Darryl Edwards



“I took a class one-on-one a couple of years back from Darryl after feeling like gym's didn't have enough for me and also reading about 'natural fitness'. His approach to exercise is unorthodox but it works. I try never to take the sedentary path in my life now.”

- Zach R.

"I have gone in 24 months from struggling to get round a 5km course to regularly placing in the top 10 for my age group (I am 43 this year) and my aim for 2017 is to qualify for the World Championships.

I can’t speak highly enough of Darryl’s methods when it comes to improving my OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) ability. Set aside your scepticism and give it a try. Not only will you see a huge difference but his are the most enjoyable sessions I have undertaken. Highly recommended."
- Iain R.

“Darryl has helped me through various stages of recovery from a neurological injury, I have thoroughly enjoyed with sessions with him. Darryl likes to incite fear and competitiveness to make his sessions fun and challenging.

He has focused on animal movement patterns, games and balance work, things that can be adapted as I gain strength and coordination.
- Emma H.

“In 3 months I’ve achieved a body fat% reduction from 34.6% to 27.9%. My weight is down from 11 Stone 9lb (74kg/163lb) to 10 Stone 8lb (67kg/148lb), a significantly difference in terms of the clothes I am wearing and also in the positive comments made about how I am looking now.”
- Pari P.

"I have found Darryl knowledgable and engaging to work with. I love working outdoors with minimal equipment too.”
- John B.