The Crocodile Walk

The Crocodile Walk

How to perform the Crocodile Walk

Crocodile Walk - Primal Play

This activity improves strength and muscular endurance very quickly and also requires full core, midsection and glute activation, good coordination and control during the locomotion of this animal walk.

  1. Get into the bottom of a press-up/push-up position.

  2. Keep palms flat on the ground, feet together and stay balanced on the toes.

  3. Keep a planked, low position throughout and shuffle forward.

  4. Walk the required distance, keep your torso and legs off the ground.

If the above movement is too difficult start in a high-position as in the photo below and as you improve attempt a lower position as you get stronger.

Beginner's Crocodile Walk


To increase difficulty go backwards and minimise bouncing up and down.