How To Do The Crab Walk

The Crab Walk


  1. Start in a crouched position and place your hands behind your body and lift your hips so your bottom is off the ground.

  2. Crab Walk forward, keeping your palms and feet flat on the ground in a comfortable position.

  3. The Crab Walk movement pattern should be contralateral - that is, moving the opposite arm and leg. For example, start moving the right hand, then the left leg, left hand then the right leg to crawl forward. 

  4. Strap on a weight vest or wear a loaded backpack to increase the intensity.

  5. You’ll also find crawling backwards, up an incline (up a hill or a staircase) will increase the difficulty. Going downhill or down stairs adds another level of focus and control.  

  6. Aim to Crab Walk with grace and control whether slow or at speed.

  7. Crab Walks involves coordination of the entire body which is great for the brain and strengthens the arms, back, shoulders and legs too.