Animal Moves : The Book (Available Now!)

Animal Moves

Train like an animal, move like a human

Animal Moves

How to move like an animal to get you LEANER, FITTER, STRONGER, HEALTHIER for life

Animal Moves

a groundbreaking new workout program from Darryl Edwards that utilises the functional and primal movements of the animal kingdom as inspiration for an exercise regimen that will have you the king or queen of the jungle in no time. Future-proof your body and reconnect with the fitter, stronger and healthier you with over 40 functional exercises, fun activities, and three four-week fitness programs. 

With the help of its innovative 28-day movement plan, Animal Moves empowers you to move with more ease and efficiency when performing functional movements and to make everyday activities easier and more enjoyable. The compound movement exercises in Animal Moves targets the whole body at varied intensities enabling people of all fitness levels, and all ages, to lead more active and dynamic lives.

  • improve strength, speed and stamina

  • increase mobility, flexibility and stability

  • look, feel and perform better

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