Shoulder Barge

Primal Play Shoulder Barge

Shoulder Barge

Some rough and tumble play as we call it in the UK, otherwise known as roughhousing (US) - or you could just call it fun? Play fighting is one of many influences behind the Primal Play Method - it allows you to be playfully 'combative' without the combat or the risks of sparring.

Shoulder Barge - is an example of a Primal Play game. Here I am showing my play partner the benefit of 'fighting' differently, and why adaptability is more important than ability. It’s also great that even with rough and tumble play, which can express explosive strength and power, when approached at in the right spirit we can still both have a smile on our faces and you can even pretend to be your own superhero of choice.

It’s competitive BUT cooperative.

We met just a few moments before, we played a few more Primal Play games for a couple of minutes and then he left. Just like dogs play fighting, except we were laughing and smiling rather than wagging our tails...

Want to give this a try?

  1. Try and stay grounded in a solid stance facing each other.

  2. One person pushes into the shoulders/upper chest from a standing start.

  3. The other tries to stay in the same position.

  4. If someone takes a step or three back or can hold their fixed position for a few seconds or more then change your roles.

Animal Moves    book by Darryl Edwards available now...

Animal Moves book by Darryl Edwards available now...