Do you spend more time hating exercise than loving it?

Do You Hate Exercise?

Why is tomorrow the favourite day of the week for exercise, and other fitness questions.

Probing questions you should ask yourself.

  • Is tomorrow (or the day after) the favourite day of the week to start exercising?

  • Do you work out to make up for over indulgence the day before? 

  • Do you want to avoid the punishment we are told that we need to go through to get the body we want? Usually reinforced by endless fitspirational social media quotes.

  • Do you prefer lounging on the couch to getting off the couch? 

  • Do you not have the time today, but will hopefully have more time later this week?

  • Is it because you don't feel fit enough to join the gym, so need to get 'in shape' before you can get into shape?

  • Do you not particularly love to exercise, but you exercise because of the health benefits?

  • Do you not feel the need to exercise, because you eat well?

  • Do you need to buy new training shoes/workout gear/exercise equipment?

  • Do you need to do more research to find out what is effective enough?

  • Actually, how much time do I need to set aside for physical activity for health?

  • Most of the above?


  • Remember back when you were a kid, and you would never sit still?

  • Remember how exciting and carefree those restless years were?

  • Wouldn't it be amazing to get just some of that energy and enthusiasm back as an adult?

Watch the video below and reminisce:

Your action plan

Don't make 'tomorrow' the favourite day of the week for exercise, make it something you want to do today. A step in the right direction is to enjoy what we can do functionally and practically when fit rather than hating what we have to do to get fit. 

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