How Primal Play Helped an Obstacle Course Racer



I thought I was fit and capable of anything and everything; until I was asked to take part in an obstacle course race (OCR); a Spartan Sprint, just an entry level 5km with some easy obstacles. I struggled badly, which was a shock to my system and I couldn’t figure out why my training hadn’t prepared me for it; I trained for functional fitness just like the magazines told me I should!

Then Darryl appeared with his Primal Play methodology and transformed me. I was sceptical but open to trying new things. I had known Darryl when he worked in investment banking but this ‘new’ Darryl was an altogether different beast; he was strong, lean and very proficient at what he did. Little did I know just how much he was going to change my world.


Obstacle Course Racing and Primal Play

I have gone in 24 months from struggling to get round a course to regularly placing in the top 10 for my age group (I am 43 this year) and my aim for next year is to qualify for the World Championships. A lofty ambition I would never have dreamed of even last year.

I can’t speak highly enough of Darryl’s methods when it comes to improving my Obstacle Course Racing ability. Set aside your scepticism around the benefits of play and give it a try. Not only will you see a huge difference but his functional fitness exercises are the most enjoyable sessions I have ever undertaken. Highly recommended.

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Obstacle Course Racer Primal Play Testimonial

In three months I lost 6 inches (15cm) off my waist and hips, weight dropped from 87kg to 79kg, and my body fat percentage fell from 25% to 20%. My VO2 max has also increased from 39 to 47 in the last six months.

- Iain Russell, Technologist and Obstacle Course Racer.