HIIPA - a new way to move more in your daily life? [MEDIA]

HIIPA is the exercise regime that fits into your daily life, but does it work?

*Full article published in The Daily Telegraph

HIIPA, “high-intensity, incidental physical activity”, is a great way for people who don’t have time to work out, to move more.

“I’ve heard the hype about high intensity interval training. My thoughts? You don’t know the meaning of high intensity until you’ve tried to get two children out of the front door with 30 seconds to spare and, inexplicably, only one school shoe between them.

I work from home, in part because it allows me to cajole – sorry, nurture – my children through this daily performance of the school run. This means that I have vanishingly short working hours (around 9.30am till 4pm) and barely the time to brush my hair, let alone take an exercise class.

So the concept of HIIPA, and its promise to absolve me of guilt over the lapsed gym membership, appealed. Also, it sounded comfortingly sedate, rather like a life insurance plan for the geriatric: getting a hip replacement? Have you considered HIIPA?

I could not have been more mistaken. The idea, personal trainer Darryl Edwards implied, was to stop viewing my children’s playtime as an opportunity to hide in the kitchen with the Hobnobs, and to raise my heart rate instead.”
— — Hattie Garlick (excerpt from The Daily Telegraph)