Treadmill Driver (Deadmill)

Treadmill Driver

It’s not often I’m in a gym but this is one of my favourite pieces of equipment - a treadmill with the motor off! I call these treadmill drivers - as it feels like you are at the start of a bobsleigh run and the belt moves only if you do! This is also referred to as a Deadmill. 

Here are a few pointers:

  1. Make sure the treadmill is off, for obvious reasons.

  2. Make sure the treadmill has handles that allow you to push forward.

  3. Push into the handles, start a slow run and build up the pace.

  4. Work up to a full all-out sprint on the balls of your feet as if accelerating for a bobsleigh run.

  5. A full-on push and sprint will usually last 10-15 seconds or so max!