Primal Play™ - 30-day Animal Moves Challenge

Animal Moves Workout Challenge

30-day Animal Moves Workout Challenge

I'm so pleased to announce my 'Primal Play - 30-day Animal Moves Challenge', a daily online video program to help you build your movement habit - is now available!

“I can’t speak highly enough of Darryl’s methods when it comes to improving my Obstacle Course Racing ability. Set aside your scepticism and give it a try. Not only will you see a huge difference but his Animal Moves are challenging and the most enjoyable sessions I have undertaken. Highly recommended!”
— Iain Russell, Technologist and Obstacle Course Racer

Learn how to use my Animal Moves system to get you leaner, stronger and healthier in the next 30 days:

  • — Improve Your Posture

  • — Strengthen Your Body

  • — De-stress Your Mind

  • — Strengthen Your Heart and Lungs

  • — Improve Your Mobility

  • — Boost Your Energy Levels

  • — Boost Your Metabolism

  • — PLUS do it anywhere


You get everything you need, including social support, to transform your experience with movement and to feel great in the process whatever your age, or level.

WORKS ON ANY DEVICE including your phone!

WORKS ON ANY DEVICE including your phone!


✔ A short, daily total body workout, for home, in-the-gym, or on-the-go, using little or no equipment.

✔ FREE access to online video workout demonstrations, to help you maximize your results from ANYWHERE, ON ANY DEVICE including your phone.

✔ A journal you can complete to keep track of your progress and help with motivation.

✔ Hints and tips on effective goal-setting to implement lasting change.

✔ Evidence-based research on why these movement patterns are beneficial for mind and body.

✔ A clear step-by-step online program that is available instantly on all of your devices.


— Membership to the exclusive 30-day Animal Moves Challenge facebook interactive group with members from around the globe.

If you're limited on time, want to have more fun with fitness, or just want to be motivated with a group of like-minded individuals then check out this link for more details: >> www.primalplay.com/30days