Competing with GB Gold Medal Sprint Cyclist - Philip Hindes

Competing With Philip Hindes

Competing with Philip Hindes

On July 9, 2016 I had the opportunity to 'compete' with the fastest track cyclist on the planet. Philip Hindes. He's the Usain Bolt of sprint cycling. 

This was an all-out effort for 200m on a stationary bike with a resistance set to match velodrome conditions. Tougher than it sounds. I was only 4 seconds off the Rio 2016 gold medal Olympian's time too!

Here are some details on a few of the people who took part in the challenge.

  • Philip Hindes (World #1) - 15 seconds

  • Jim Cowan (member of the British Cycling Team) - 16 seconds

  • Jim Varnish (ex-world champion) - 18 seconds

  • Darryl Edwards (don't even own a bike) - 19 seconds

I feel very proud of my effort, not bad at all for someone who 'plays' all the time.