60 second interview with Olympic Cyclist for Great Britain, Philip Hindes

Philip Hindes Interview

60 Second Interview with Philip Hindes

Philip Hindes MBE is a British track cyclist, specialising in sprints. I interviewed Philip at the AXA Live Boldly cycling event in early July prior to the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Philip Hindes

1. How do you stay motivated? Is it just about the gold medal?

I want to achieve something great, I want to win the gold medal in Rio. It's about getting everything right, otherwise, it would just be a hobby. Two weeks after winning the Men's Team Sprint gold at London 2012 I was already thinking about Rio 2016. That's my drive and motivation.

2. How does your fitness help you in everyday life?

Mentally my fitness helps me to cope with life situations and pressure.

You are what your train for, which for me is the track cycling 250m time trial (standing start). My overall level of fitness is not as good as you would expect - I struggle and get out of breath even with walking long distances!

All my training revolves around track cycling, Olympic lifting, with power and strength conditioning. 20-25 minutes recovery and then it's maximum all-out effort again. I aim for 100% effort all the time. If I can't maintain that level of intensity then it's time to stop training as you don't get the highest quality at that point. Endurance or extended sessions don't help with my sprint efforts.

My training can consist of 3-4 hour sessions twice per day.

3. How much of what you do is nature as opposed to nurture? 

To start with nature gives you an advantage, but you also require years of focused training, you need the drive and commitment - then you can achieve anything. Nature doesn't get you to be world class, you need to put in the work to be world class.

4. What is your resting heart rate?

I have a resting heart rate of 49-50 bpm. What really matters though is speed, power output and watts for my event.

5. Best non-cycling training to help with sprint cycling?

Squats - 200kg x 8 reps. I have a 250kg 1 rep max (based on 82kg bodyweight).

6. Typical day's diet when training

Breakfast: Porridge, protein, flat white coffee

Mid-morning: A protein shake 

Lunch: Scrambled egg, smoked salmon or chicken and rice

Mid-afternoon: Protein shake

Dinner: 2 pieces of salmon, sweet potato and veggies

7. If you could play a childhood game to help keep you fit AS AN ADULT what would it be?

Playing tag and sprinting. 

8. What would you do to make exercise more accessible?

Training by yourself is boring, group activities make it easier to have fun. Think outside the box to get people involved and make it an enjoyable experience.