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Human Systems Interventions with Dr Daniel Stickler + Special Guests
to 21 Oct

Human Systems Interventions with Dr Daniel Stickler + Special Guests

Dr Daniel Stickler along with special guests Dr Mickra HamiltonDr Tamsin Lewis and Darryl Edwards will be in London to discuss the new paradigm of systems-based precision health covering topics in genetics and epigenetics and how these can be leveraged in a systems-based approach to optimise health outcomes.

Lifestyle is the major contributing factor in over 70% of the top causes of mortality and these can be modified based on a bio-individualised approach.

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Wellness Festival London
2:00 pm14:00

Wellness Festival London


Modern day living can be fairly intense; what with juggling family, household, work and finances. Then having to make time to eat well, exercise, find time to relax and get a good nights’ sleep. With only 24 hours in a day, how do you fit it all in?

As doctors with a specialist interest in lifestyle medicine, we get asked this all the time. So we plan to answer just that.

Join us at our Wellness Festival on the 16th September 2018 where you will find us 5 experienced doctors giving you tips, tricks and life hacks through short workshops delivered in a fun, interactive and educational way. You can come along alone, with friends or family.

Dr Chintal will be showing you some simple, easy-to-whip-up healthy snacks
Dr Christie will be showing you easy, quick and effective fitness snacks
Dr Punam will be showing you how to change habits to curate the perfect daily routine
Dr Venita will be talking about nutrition and how to simplify it for you and your family
Dr Sumi will be demonstrating how easy it is to incorporate mindfulness into daily living

Special Guest: Darryl Edwards book signing Animal Moves and doing Primal Play demos.

We are passionate about showing you that healthy living does not need to be complex, expensive or stressful. Living healthily is an art, it is about setting a mindset and our intentions are to guide you and your family towards the right path.

We are excited to be accredited by the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine. All proceeds will be donated to DKMS, a charity fighting against blood cancer.

We hope you can join us and please do share with anyone else you may think could benefit from our event.

Event suited to adults & children above 5.

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Lifestyle Medicine for Children and Adolescents
8:00 am08:00

Lifestyle Medicine for Children and Adolescents

This one-day course focuses on the special challenges faced by clinicians who care for children and adolescents, providing you with the tools, research, and best practices to help your patents adopt and sustain more active, healthy lifestyles.

Presentation: Encouraging Play to Help Your Patients Increase Physical Activity

Register here:

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Cracking The Wellness Code - Be Better London
1:00 pm13:00

Cracking The Wellness Code - Be Better London

5 Speakers. One purpose.

To help you crack the Wellness Code. Tickets available now!

Do you value your health?

Do you crave a better quality of life? Would you like to  understand nutrition and diets in more depth? Or even how to unlock the power of your genetic code for amazing health? Let's not forget the importance of movement too.

If you are looking for answers, Be Better London has put together an outstanding line up of internationally acclaimed speakers.

Hand picked for their insightful wisdom and practical knowledge, these speakers will give you the tools and the confidence you need to start making changes right away. Changes that last.

Darryl Edwards

Known as "The Fitness Explorer"  Darryl is a two-time, best-selling author, co-founder of the UK's first paleo conference, Health Unplugged and creator of Primal Play.

Lia Sokhi

A natural health practitioner, raw food chef and educator, Lia is the founder of Raw Fest. Her mission is to educate, empower and inspire natural healthy lifestyles.

Thomas Olivier

Is a Nutrigenomic practitioner and author of "Cracking Your Health Code"  which explores the impact of nutrition and genetic expression, highlighting the implication for your health and performance.

Matt Whitmore

Matt is the co-founder of Fitter London and co-author of the best selling book, "Paleo Primer"  His unique approach to nutrition and wellness will both inspire and entertain you.

Owen Raybould

Owen is the founder of the Health Academy. He is a Dietary Health Coach, Speaker and Foraging expert, who specialises in exposing the connection between nutrition and mental health. Owen works with organisations such as Mind to give participants a new lease on life.

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