Guest on Feel Better, Live More Podcast - Hosted by Dr Chatterjee

In this episode Dr Rangan Chatterjee speaks to Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and international speaker - Darryl Edwards, on how he became a health and movement coach, why physical activity has become optional and his unique Primal Play™ approach to make exercise fun.

Episode Highlights:

  • Listen to find out how Darryl reacted to being prescribed statins and beta blockers due to suffering from chronic hypertension, pre-diabetes, elevated heart disease risk and cholesterol issues.

  • What was Darryl’s reaction to being told it was his genes that caused these issues and that he would be like this for the rest of his life?

  • Find out Darryl’s ‘light-bulb moment’ and his journey to finding The Primal Play method.

  • Rangan & Darryl discuss the recent and modern concept of exercise and how our history can provide us with natural movement ideas.

  • Hear Darryl’s take on Movement as Medicine and how much of a dose you need.

  • Find out why a rounded, 360-degree approach to health in terms of food, sleep & stress as well as movement is critical and why Blue Zones around the world can teach us so much.

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