“Darryl’s Primal Play is amazing and captured my imagination. I’m an explorer and the curiosity we had has children was regained. This was efficient movement and my body told me this was good for me.”
— Sebastien Foucan, founder and pioneer of Freerunning.

Exercise can be boring. Let's make fitness challenging but fun!


Primal Play™ : a focus on fun, functional movement that can be adapted for all ages and abilities.

Hello, I’m Darryl Edwards, and I play.

Pretty simple little statement, “I play.” But it literally changed my life!

“I Play” took me from sitting for hours on end as a computer programmer, into a career helping people rediscover the joy of getting healthy through movement. “I Play” transformed me from a sedentary guy whose health was slipping away with each passing year, into someone whose body is ready for pretty much whatever I throw at it. “I Play” has taken me around the world, opened my mind to exploring countless new ideas, and changed how I feel when I open my eyes every day of my life.

You want to see the true power of play? Just look at me.

I’m Darryl. I’m happy. And I’m healthy.

Because I play.

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hate exercise, but want to love movement?

We know the health benefits, we know we will feel better afterwards, but why does it feel so awful even thinking about exercise for many? Primal Play is here to help you rediscover the joy of movement.

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what PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT primal play?

"Darryl is the concentration of functional movement and he shares it well." 
-Rob Mathews, New York

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an expression of play

Play is not the activity but the attitude. Become your own superhero!

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