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Queenstown: Primal Play with Darryl Edwards

  • Body Hub Gym Unit 6, 15 Red Oaks Drive, Remarkables Park Queenstown New Zealand (map)


Seminar and Primal Play Workshop

The Relationship Between Physical Activity and Good Health
If exercise came in pill form, we would only be too eager to take our keep-fit medicine. Even small doses extend longevity and prevent disease. Recent studies tell us that exercise reduces all-cause mortality risk, reduces cardiovascular-related events, as well as warding off chronic lifestyle conditions such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and cancer. Darryl will discuss the evidence and underlying mechanisms. How much we should be doing, how much is too much and what we should be doing for optimal health.

Primal Play Method - 45 mins Movement Session

This session is a combination of physical movement instruction, team-building games, and discussions on health and well-being. Content includes instruction in practical and functional movement, balance, breathing and stress management, with fun solo, partner and group-based activities.