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High Intensity Health - Primal Movement VS Modern Exercise

High Intensity Health Interview with Darryl Edwards

02:10 Your Extraordinary Feet:

03:11 Humans are Movement Generalists:

06:54 Paleo Fitness:

12:12 Start Barefoot Walking:

13:30 You’ll be Lighter on Your Feet:

16:32 Your Feet Spread:

17:51 Training Outside in Natural Weather Conditions:

24:50 A Holistic Practice of Health:

26:13 A State of Mindfulness:

28:35 Low Carbohydrate Diet:

30:24 Darryl was Pre-Diabetic:

33:02 Sleep Quality:

33:42 Darryl’s Desert Island Herb/Nutrient:

34:26 Darryl’s Ideal Morning Routine

36:21 Darryl’s Elevator Pitch

View on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4fznCcMUG8