Animal Moves Deck

Animal Moves Deck
Animal Moves Deck
Animal Moves Deck
Animal Moves Deck
Animal Moves Deck
Animal Moves Deck
Animal Moves Deck
Animal Moves Deck

Animal Moves Deck

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Mix things up with the Animal Moves Deck and have more fun with fitness. These fitness cards are a simple way to playout, anytime, anywhere. Cardio, strength, posture and mobility exercises inspired by the animal kingdom to boost power, conditioning and flexibility.

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“These cards are wicked. The whole purpose of the deck is to get you moving more like a human, really cool!”
— The Doctor's Kitchen (Dr Rupy Aujla)

Turn your workout into a playout.

Getting and staying fit can be a problem – it can be difficult to find the time or money for the gym, confusing knowing what to do or what equipment to use and let’s face it sometimes - it can be quite repetitive too!

Based on the #1 best-selling ANIMAL MOVES BOOK by Darryl Edwards - this is a program that utilises the functional and primal movements of the animal kingdom as inspiration. It is a simple way to playout, anytime, anywhere. These cards combine cardio, strength and agility exercises to boost power, conditioning and flexibility.

Mix things up and keep it varied:

Just shuffle the deck and build your own workouts with your favorite exercises. Endless possible combinations will keep your workout sessions interesting and challenging. All you need is some space to move – your living room, back garden, the local park or the gym.

Animal Moves Deck - It’s Magical!

What It Contains:

The fitness deck contains 54 high quality casino grade playing cards that provide a comprehensive system of movement, fun and games for beginner to advanced levels.

These include:

  • 36 bodyweight exercises

  • Warm-up/cool-down/mobility/posture routines

  • 13 example workout games - however the number of game options are only limited by your imagination!

  • Set of usage and movement instructions

Sprint, jump, hop, kick and crawl your way to more playful movement and break up a sedentary day.

Card Size:

  • Standard poker card size

  • 63.5mm x 88.8mm (2.5 inches x 3.5 inches)


“Buy these cards guys, pop them in your handbag (or manbag) and pull them out whenever you get the urge. Just do it! If you work at a desk all day you could also keep these in your desk drawer and take a 2-minute movement break that won’t leave you in an absolute sweaty mess or answering the phone with creepy rapid breathing and grunts.”
— Greens of the Stone Age