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Steph Gaudreau's - Harder To Kill Podcast #107

Today on Steph Gaudreau's Harder To Kill podcast #107:

"Think back to when you were a kid and exercise was something that you enjoyed, that didn’t feel restrictive or limiting. This is the nostalgia that Darryl Edwards (The Fitness Explorer - Darryl Edwards) hopes to evoke through his Primal Play methodology."

Listen to the podcast here on iTunes:

"Focusing on finding physical activities that people actually enjoy doing, Darryl's Primal Play methodology is for those of you who hate exercise, are looking to surprise yourself, or just want to try something new."

In this episode, we talk about:

- How running away from a gang of thugs turned into one of - Darryl’s most valuable lessons
- Why humans are the ideal physical generalists
- How to avoid becoming a fitness cyborg
- The importance of both serious and fun play
- How to learn to enjoy movement and exercise again