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Robb Wolf - Paleo Solution Podcast - Episode 414 - Darryl Edwards - Movement and Play

Paleo Solution Podcast Episode 414 hosted by Robb Wolf

Darryl Edwards as guest on the Paleo Solution podcast for Episode 414

Listen to the Paleo Solution Podcast Episode with Darryl Edwards here

00:48 – Intro to Darryl Edwards and Primal Play
02:48 – Darryl’s career background, health history, and how he got into paleo
09:10 – What motivated Darryl to do a book and a certification and get into this work
15:38 – Incorporating movement and play-outs in regular life
17:16 – Structure vs unstructured activity for people and for kids
25:01 – Risk assessment for kids
28:06 – Overprotecting kids and losing resilience and risk assessment ability
31:00 – Where to find Darryl
32:55 – Movement Oncology – movement as medicine for cancer
35:00 – Underappreciated movement
36:51 – Thanks