Animal Moves Deck [OFFICE]

Animal Moves Office Fitness Deck
Animal Moves Office Fitness Deck
Animal Moves Office Fitness Deck
Animal Moves Office Fitness Deck
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Animal Moves Deck [OFFICE]



No time to workout? Then workout at work. Research shows that taking a break to exercise during the workday can improve mood and productivity as well as reduce the risk of chronic lifestyle issues such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes.

The Animal Moves Office Deck activities can be performed in business attire. It is suitable for those who spend a lot of time sitting or standing at a desk who want to incorporate more movement into their workday.


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A meta-analysis and systematic review of 18 studies conducted in 2012 found those who sit the most were almost 50% at risk of dying early than those who occupy their chairs the least. Pretty compelling evidence for us to move more!
— Edwards, D (2018), "Animal Moves: How to Move Like an Animal to Get You Leaner, Fitter, Stronger and Healthier for Life."

Turn your office into a gym, try some deskercise.

Getting your 30-minutes a day of the minimum recommendation of moderate-intensity physical activity can be difficult – especially as many of us are sitting at a desk most of the day, sitting during your commute to get to the office and most likely sitting during meetings too.

Based on the #1 best-selling ANIMAL MOVES BOOK by Darryl Edwards - this is a program that utilises the functional and primal movements of the animal kingdom as inspiration. It is a simple way to move more at work. These cards will improve circulation, increase mobility and reduce stress.

Mix things up and keep it varied with an office workout.

Just shuffle the deck and build your own movement games with your favorite exercises. Endless possible combinations will keep your sessions interesting and challenging.

What It Contains:

The fitness deck contains 54 high quality casino grade playing cards that provide a comprehensive system of movement, fun and games for beginner to advanced levels.

These include:

  • 41 movement activities - while sitting or standing at your desk

  • No fitness clothing required - in most instances you can wear your usual office attire

  • No workout mat required - no need for your hands to touch the floor

  • 5 challenge cards - to encourage more movement opportunities

  • 7 games included - however, the number of game options are only limited by your imagination!

  • Set of usage and workout movement instructions for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels

Balance, jump, push, stand and kick your way to more playful movement and break up a sedentary day

What do I need?

Equipment: You - but you may also require a desk, chair, wall, stairs or colleague.

Location: Play in your office, home office or outdoor office setting. Anytime you feel like it.

Card Size:

  • Standard poker card size

  • 63.5mm x 88.8mm (2.5 inches x 3.5 inches)


“If you work at a desk all day you could also keep these in your desk drawer and take a 2-minute movement break that won’t leave you in an absolute sweaty mess.”
— Greens of the Stone Age