Animal Moves Deck [JUNIOR]

Animal Moves JUNIOR Deck
Animal Moves JUNIOR Deck
Animal Moves JUNIOR Deck
Animal Moves JUNIOR Deck
Animal Moves JUNIOR Deck
Animal Moves JUNIOR Deck

Animal Moves Deck [JUNIOR]



AGE: Boys & Girls (7 - 14 yrs)

Need a workout for kids that feels like playtime? Challenge your kids’ fitness and train like an animal with workout moves inspired by the animal kingdom.

Useful for parents, teachers, daycare providers and youth coaches. Get your kids to have more fun with fitness! These cards use kid-friendly animal moves and games to make activity fun and interesting. “Wild Cards” are included to mix things up!

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Turn your workout into a playout.

Getting kids to be active can be a problem – it can be difficult to get them off their phone and let’s face it exercise can sometimes be boring!

Based on the ANIMAL MOVES DECK by Darryl Edwards - here is a version aimed at children from 7-to-14 years old that uses the primal movements of the animal kingdom as inspiration to move.

ADULTS: as a child, you probably pretended to be different animals. Maybe you jumped like a kangaroo or hopped like a bunny as you played. When you did this as a kid, the primary motivation was just because it was fun. However, it turns out that moving like an animal as an adult is one way of keeping you flexible, strong and fit. Plus it's an excuse to have fun and be active with the kids too!

JUNIORS: Remember the world is your playground, so play these cards indoors and outdoors and have FUN! If the adults are just sitting there watching you move - then get them to join in too.

Mix things up and keep it varied:

Just shuffle the deck and build your own playouts. Endless possible combinations will keep your sessions exciting and challenging. All you need is some space to move – your living room, back garden, the local park or even your school gym.

What the Animal Moves Junior Deck contains:

The fitness deck contains 54 high quality casino grade playing cards that provide a comprehensive system of movement, fun and games.

These include:

  • 35 bodyweight exercises

  • 12 wild cards to add a fun diversion into each game

  • 18 example workout games included - however the number of game options are only limited by your imagination!

  • Set of usage and movement instructions

Sprint, jump, hop, kick and crawl your way to more playful movement and break up an inactive day.

Card Size:

  • Standard poker card size

  • 63.5mm x 88.8mm (2.5 inches x 3.5 inches)